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Sexy & Successful: Prita Chhabra

Prita Chhabra

“I think the quality I most admire about Prita is her unselfishness and her desire in wanting to help others through her art, both in public and behind the scenes. Prita’s definitely got all the qualities it takes to make it big. She’s an absolute gem.”
- Tiger Jeet Singh Jr., former WWE superstar.

Just have faith. This is the mantra by which singer/songwriter Prita Chhabra lives by, and it is her belief in something greater than herself has given her the confidence to catapult herself into stardom. This Montreal native started her musical career as a youngster, writing her own music and performing concerts at Disney World. Music was her calling. Growing up, Prita remembers listening to tapes of Bette Midler and dreaming of one day following in her footsteps. She made her dream a reality. Today, Prita’s career includes the release of her debut CD Spread the Word in 2009, as well as show-stopping performances alongside industry stalwarts including Jay Sean, Russell Peters, Eric Robertson and Michael Jackson’s tribute group Signature. She was nominated “Best Female Act” at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards and also received an “Excellence in Entertainment” award from the National Association of Indo- Canadians. She is also an ambassador with the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and travels the world raising awareness about HIV/ AIDS. Look for her sophomore CD coming out in 2012.


Zodiac sign: Gemini.

Relationship status: Totally fulfilling!

Best way to unwind: Cuddling up in bed with my dog.

Favourite Bollywood movie: Tare Zameen Par.

Favourite Hollywood movie: Love Actually.

Favourite book: The Alchemist.

Guilty pleasure: Frozen yogurt from Pinkberry and Menchie’s!

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why? I’d want to fly because I’m too impatient for Toronto traffic and I like feeling the breeze in my hair.

What is on your iPod? I get bored easily so it’s always on shuffle. I’ve got stuff ranging from Maroon 5 to Britney to Never Ending White Lights and One Republic, Dave Matthews and Madonna.

Something quirky about you no one would know: I’m the type of person who will notice every little detail. If you have a stain on your dress, I’ll notice. If you get a haircut, I’ll notice that too! I also have a knack for noticing things in movies too, such as extras in the background making really funny expressions!

Best personal feature and why: My eyes, because they truly are the window to my soul. And my smile because it’s the first thing most people notice!

Best feature on the opposite sex: Eyes and smile.

Celebrity crush: I totally had the hots for Raine Maida when I was in my teens and I still consider him hot stuff!

If you had to choose, would it be romance or hot sex? I can’t have one without the other!

Three things you can’t live without: My dog, music and my car.

Most memorable professional moment: It was at the very beginning. I was singing at an outdoor show and I was very nervous. I didn’t even think anyone was paying attention to me but the next day I received an email from someone who was in the hospital who had a day pass and heard me singing. He said he had cystic fibrosis and was in the hospital to get work done on his lungs and he was feeling miserable. When he heard me speak about my trip to Africa and how we should be grateful for all that we had, he realized that what he really needed to work on was his heart. He said that my music touched his heart. I met him in the hospital and he gave me a magnet that I read every day that says, “The best things in life cannot be seen or touched, they can only be felt with the heart” and he said that that’s what my music did to him. You can’t put money on a moment like that and it’s the very reason I sing. I make music in hopes that it will move my audience, whether emotionally or physically. Doesn’t matter, just as long as they feel different after the show is done!

Most valuable life lesson: To never take a single day for granted. We have to make the most of every day, follow our hearts and make this life what we want it to be. I spent so much of my life thinking I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough or worth any of my dreams and I regret not believing in myself earlier in my life. The minute I started believing in myself, my life changed and everything I wished my life was like, my life slowly became. We just have to believe in ourselves and make the most of every day to see it come to fruit!

Motto you live by: Just have faith.


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Prita Chhabra

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