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Fenulla, Singer/songwriter, actress, playwright, author
Fenulla Jiwani

Multitalented and multidimensional, Fenulla represents South Asia in all its artistic glory. As a writer, producer, dancer, singer and actress, Fenulla exhibits great passion for what she loves and lives to do. Having had years to hone her craft since starting at the age of five, she’s a familiar face on and off-screen. After completing her Bachelor of Education with a specialization in psychology, Fenulla began to pursue her passion for the arts full-time. Soon after graduating from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, her career took flight. She has performed in all six of her plays and has appeared in numerous television and radio shows. Fenulla’s critically acclaimed production, “30 Dates”, toured Canada for two years performing at well-known theatres and earning her accolades in major newspapers and magazines. Her recent live interactive dinner theatre production, “Paul & Priya’s Wedding”, premiered in spring 2011 to positive reviews. While she’s busy producing theatrical spectacles, Fenulla also makes time for television stints. She’s appeared in the TV series Lost Girl, as well as the American miniseries The Hades Factor, along with a variety of commercials. As if that wasn’t enough, Fenulla is also the author of Balance: Living in Harmony with Peace, Joy & Love and is a trained yoga instructor and Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. Recently, with a new album released worldwide on iTunes, Fenulla is proving herself unstoppable as she plans for more concerts and acting opportunities.


Zodiac sign: Aries/Taurus

Relationship status: Married

Best way to unwind: Soaking in my jacuzzi tub with crystals and listening to my meditation CD.

Favourite Bollywood movie: 3 Idiots

Favourite Hollywood movie: I have so many as I’m a big movie buff: Comedy (Couple’s Retreat – loved A.R. Rahman’s soundtrack) and fantasy/drama (Avatar).

Favourite book: The Alchemist

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why? Since I was eight I’ve always wanted to fly, but back then it was simply to feel free. Now I wouldn’t mind the superpower to avoid traffic but most importantly to get an aerial view of the world. The closest I’ve ever come to achieving this was bungee jumping in Whistler, B.C.

What is on your iPod? Snatam Kaur, Iz, Coldplay, Enya and of course my own album!

Something quirky about you no one would know: I often get complimented on my evening gowns and concert outfits, but I have a confession to make – my husband finds most of them online and surprises me with these beautiful pieces on special occasions!

Best personal feature and why: If it’s physical it would have to be my eyes, as they are the windows to my soul

Best feature on the opposite sex: An open heart and a warm smile.

Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds. (Hope to get a starring role with him one day!)

If you had to choose, would it be romance or hot sex? Depends on my mood.

Three things you can’t live without: This inner desire to make a huge difference in the world, my angels both on heaven and earth and my darling hubby.

Most memorable professional moment: The launch of my debut album Divinity inside the elegant Winter Garden Theatre. (A dream come true!).

Most valuable life lesson: I’ve had many hardships and obstacles that have taught me a vast array of valuable life lessons, but the one that resonates with me profoundly is living in the moment; to be, to see and embrace everything in the now with immense gratitude!

Motto you live by: Touch a heart, a soul and life will have more meaning, more depth and a true fulfillment to living. I also live by Gandhi’s words: “Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow and learn as if you’re going to live forever.”

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