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Sexy & Successful 2011 - Janina Gavankar


Janina Gavankar is smoking hot - but the humble 27-year-old only calls herself a musical geek. This Indian-Dutch gal is perhaps best known for her role as the promiscuous lesbian Papi on Showtime's The L-Word. But Gavankar has long since been setting the musical stage and silver stage screens ablaze. She grew up with parents who were ardent fans and her biggest supporters. She classically trained as a pianist and as a percussionist from a very young age. Gavankar studied opera first, but when she discovered. yawn.she couldnft actually sit through an entire opera, she shifted gears to something more up her alley with Broadway, rock, and pop music. She studied theater, music and psychology at University of Illinois in Chicago. She joined the all-girl musical band Endera, which signed over to the renowned music label Cash Money Universal. Gavankar has also guest starred in a number of hit TV shows like NCIS, The Cleaner and Grey's Anatomy.

Currently, Janina stars in ABC's The Gates as Leigh Turner, a cop with a closet full of skeletons. Last fall, Gavankar has also joined the cast of the hit HBO supernatural thriller, True Blood as a season regular, playing Luna, an ultra-hot public school teacher and a shape shifter.


Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

Relationship status: Single.

Best way to unwind:
Video games. Dr. Mario specifically.

Fave Bollywood movie: Sholay. My great uncle did the sound for the film.

Favourite Hollywood movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is the perfect movie. It is the ultimate love story. Everything about it is perfect down to the subtle CGI.

Favourite book: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. One of the most heart-warming books ever. Please read it!

Guilty pleasure: Sleep!

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why? Time travel so that I could experience different eras. I'd love to see what technology is going to be like in 200 years.

What is on your iPod? Everything from Chopin to Dead mau5. Right now it’s filled with tracks from Downlink, the dub step producer I am working with.

Something quirky about you no one would know: I never pick up my phone. If you're really my friend, you'll Skype me.

Best personal feature and why? My imagination.It's endless.

Best feature on the opposite sex: Passion...or hamstrings. I like me some soccer boys.

Celebrity crush: Sacha Baron Cohen. Obviously in Borat form. He is gorgeous and so smart, and I love him.

If you had to choose, would it be romance or hot sex?(Pouts) Why can't I have both?

Three things you can't live without: Sleep, my Blackberry and goals.

Most memorable professional moment: When Whoopi Goldberg gave me serious props for my performance on "The Cleaner"

Most valuable life lesson: Life is long. We have a lot of time to get it right.

Motto you live by: Authenticity sustains.


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