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Up Close: Q&A with Actress Pooja Kumar

Starring in Man On A Ledge, she shares her experience as part of the cast of this highly-awaited movie.
Man On A Ledge

Man On A Ledge

With her film, Man On A Ledge hitting theatres today, our former Open Chest/Cover personality talks to us about her latest project.

Tell us about your role in Man On A Ledge?

My character, Nina, is the assistant to David Englander, a real estate mogul, played by Ed Harris. She has been his assistant for many years and they are quite comfortable with each other. She is intelligent, hard working, and extremely diligent. She is in awe of her boss and will go to any lengths to support him.

How did you get this part?

I read the part and thought it would be a great character to play. I went in for the audition, received a call back and then after meeting with the director (Asgar Leth), my agent called me and said you have the job! I was ecstatic at this wonderful opportunity to work in an action thriller

What was it about the film that caught your attention and wanting to be a part of it?

The film is about a man trying to prove his innocence. We all can relate to the underdog who through persistence and passion follows his dream and becomes successful. I love doing movies that have a message but are not preaching to you. This movie has that amazing balance. It has action, emotion, drama and most of all it’s entertaining.

Where was this film shot?

My favorite city in the whole world, New York City!

How long did it take to complete the film?

Two Months.

Was there a rehearsal process?

That was the amazing part of this. I did not rehearse at all with Ed ahead of time. We showed up on set, rehearsed with the director and shot it immediately. I think the director was fairly confident that we would be able to perform the scene without any hesitation. After all, it is Ed Harris!

Exactly! Do tell us how it was like working such a stalwart of cinema?

The chance to work opposite a living legend such as Ed Harris was truly a blessing. I learned a great deal just by observing him and his process. He breathes and lives his character throughout the whole movie on and off set. I was in complete awe of him because it was beautiful to see how he integrated all the characters into the scene. His facial expressions are so inviting that you are waiting to see his next move. That’s brilliance.

Asger Leth who is most notable for his documentaries, directs this film. How was it like working with him?

Asger is a very talented young director who has a long career ahead of him. His knowledge, confidence, and passion are incredible and his style of communicating to the actors is stellar. Asger takes the time to listen to the work you have brought to the character, which as an actor I appreciate so much. He is a collaborative captain who knows exactly what he wants.

Tell us about the Premiere of the film!

The red carpet premiere happened last week and [the film’s co-stars including] Sam Worthington, Kyra Sedgwick (with Kevin Bacon) and Elizabeth Banks were all in attendance. They were raving about the movie and enjoying the night celebrating New York!

And finally...

I am most looking forward to my fans enjoying the movie and supporting South Asians in cinema all over the world.


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Man On Ledge

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